Israel regional

iam wondering if any one has the location for Israel’s regional iam looking to find a hotel thats near by


EDIT: oops! ^ that link doesnt help much- all it has is the city - rest of info is not listed


The Israeli regional is in the Nokia Arena…which is in Tel Aviv. There are lots of hotels around there…but they are quite expensive.

Are you coming just to see the regional or are you coming to travel in Israel? how long are you planning on being here?


thanks david
ive been in israel for 6th months now iam a former member of 1368 in clearwater florida usa iam a 10 mounth program called year course
i was a mentor with 1944 in hafia i will be at the regional late on the 28, i cant get out of jru un till 2pm on the 28th but i will be there for the three days
if you whant to get a hold of me my number is 052-604-2555

Ben white

I would assume your team has plans for a hotel or sleeping in one of the schools close by…did you ask where they will be?