Israel Regional

Did not see one thought I would start one. Team 1662 will be there.

That should be a grand adventure. We were hoping to see your team in Davis again this year, but suspect robot shipment might be a bit tight for that. :ahh:

I saw it few days ago! and even wrote about in the israeli forum… jest didn’t feel comfortable enough write it in english :stuck_out_tongue:
it’s so awesome!!

What is the link to the Israel Forum?

We are now working on getting the Bot through customs.
That is the big hurdle. It will fly out of Tel Aviv within 5 hours of the end of the competition.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

All I find at the Israel Forum is very old stuff. Might be doing something wrong.

go to Facebook and look for FIRST Israel…it’s current

The forum that Tal was talking about is FIRSTAid.

It’s the Israeli Unoffical FIRST community forum. It’s the more populated forum, and has been the main source of information and discussions about FIRST among students and mentors.

The forum is mainly in Hebrew, but you are more than welcome to post in that forum. Most of the members in the forum know English, but for those with difficulties, We can help translate for you :).

I would personally like to congratulate you on taking the offer of coming to Israel (while missing the oppourtonity to be in the Championships! :ahh: , and a huge challenge of getting the robot and other equipment through customs), I am sure that all of the FIRST Israel will welcome you with open hands!

This could be the first year that the Israel Regional (after running for more than 5 years) will have a visiting team from other countries. In the Israel regional, we have Jewish teams and Muslim teams competing together, and this year we will have a Christian team too! So we will have all three main religions in our Regional! :stuck_out_tongue:

Once again, we thank you for taking the offer of coming to Israel, we hope you will have a good time here visiting some very important religious sites, such as Nazareth , Biet Lechem, Jerusalem and more…
And, of course, we wish you will have a great time in our Regional with all the Israeli teams!
For us, you are bringing US FIRST to all of the Israeli teams, especially for those who haven’t yet received the chance of experiencing Atlanta.

Thank you for us it is an honor. Right now our team is taking classes on the history if Israel. They are also being taught my some of our people who have been in Israel.

I’d like to join Nir and congratulate and thank you for joining the Israeli Regional, I’m sure you’ll be a great addition and I hope you’ll enjoy your time with us.

Did you make any kind of arrangements for your stay? How long do you intend to be in Israel? I assume you’ll come before the regional starts and tour around a bit, right? If you’d like we can find you a team over here to host you, I know several schools are boarding schools and have the room for it. If you need anything, you can always drop me a line and I’ll try to fix you up :wink:

Also, I’d recommend you follow FIRST Israel on Twitter and Facebook. FIRST Israel is pretty unique community wise do to the distance from everyone else, following us on Facebook and Twitter might give you a better glance at how we operate over here :wink:

We will be in Israel 13 days. We will arrive early enough to help local teams setup.

For the days od the competition we will be staying in local homes. Alisha and one ofour mentors is handling that. Alisha has been great.

We plan to tour till we drop. last Thursday night was the first of the classes the team is attending. It was about the history of Israel from Abraham to Christ. The classes are taught by our Jewish mentor.