Israeli Pre-Region Skirmish

Posting this here for any Israelis who don’t visit the israeli forum, and for any FIRSTers who happen to be in Israel at the moment!

Hello Teams!

The ThunderBolts from Emek Hefer (FRC2630) are proud to host the Emek Hefer Encounter, on friday - 14.03.08 !!

This is a pre-regional event open to all teams, intended to give everyone a taste of the game before the actual Regional and create an opportunity for teams to work together and get to know each other.

Teams may compete with a second Overdrive robot they built, but also with robots from previous years.
Veteran teams: Please contact us - we are trying to get simple rolling chassis for rookie teams to compete with.
Rookie teams: Contact us - we are trying to get simple rolling chassis for rookie teams to compete with.**

Teams are invited to send a few students with their robot and tools on thursday evening have them spend the night at emek-hefer (most likely at the gym with sleeping bags) so that you do not need to wake up very early to pack your robot and tools.

any questions please contact us!
Leav: 054-4253431
Gal: 054-6683319


Overdrive Robots:

  • Miscar 1574
  • SteamPunk 1577
  • ThunderBolts 2630
  • Team1 XXXX
  • Team2 XXXX

(I don’t have the list on me at the moment, I’ll update the list later)

Non-Overdrive Robots:

  • Black Knight Robotics 1947

Need Chassis:

  • KY Bots 2669 (contact Liron: 050-9150249)
  • Leyad Ha 2679 (contact Esti: 054-6588292)

Please Let me know if you need a chassis or if you already got one.

we are all 11 graders, and we are in poland between the 12th and the 19th of march… if you can change the date we would love to come.
BTW, how many teams are sceduled to come?
thanks, ziv.

it’s a nice gesture but i dont really understand what team without second overdrive robot would do, and aspecialy teams like mine who took parts from previous robots

I’m sorry, but the date is practically set in stone due to the fact that the gym we are using is only available to us that day… sorry! :frowning:

Nofar - a team without an overdrive robot (even if they stripped parts from older robots) can still just bring in a simple chassis with a profile in front to herd balls and youve got a pretty nice Lap+Herd robot that will be pretty competitive!

It will give your drivers a chance to practice laps and work with the other teams… :slight_smile:

Plus it’ll just be a fun day :slight_smile:


Good word u guys!

How many rolling chassis do you currently have?

Currently only 1577 (SteamPunk) have contacted us regarding the chassis, but we hope to get at least 5 rolling chasses.
We plan to either have them available as a 1-per-team chassis, or we if we don’t have enough then we will opt for a rotation between the teams who wish to participate but do not have their own robot.

obviousley teams who who brought their own single chassis will not have to rotate their robot with some other chassis-less team (unless they want to! GP FTW!)


can you please post what teams have cobfirmed that they are coming, and with what each of them is going to come?

<edit> Keeping an updated list in the First Post </edit>

5 teams are confirmed with an Overdrive robot:
Miscar 1574
SteamPunk 1577
ThunderBolts 2630
Team1 XXXX
Team2 XXXX
(I don’t have the list on me at the moment, I’ll update the list later)

and alot of other teams are in a “we’ll get something done in time” status.


you can add to that 1947, who will come with a speed bot who knock the balls off the overpass.

2669 will also come with their Drivers and Programming team, but they will beed a rolling chassis…is there anyway you guys could get them a special one just for them?

Liron, regarding 1947: is it a overdrive robot or one from previous years you are adapting?

regarding 2669: I will do my best. I suggest you ring up teams yourself and cut out the middleman (me :slight_smile: )


It is a slightly modified rack n roll robot.

2669 is already looking for aditional people.

By the way, is it your birthday (ICQ says it is!)?

I’ll try and build up a pool of chassis and a pool of teams who need them and then make the connection.

I don’t think any team will be left out if they want to participate. there are enough robots floating around that we can find one for each team.

and yeah, it’s my birthday and ChiefDelphi even brought me a cake! (look at my username :slight_smile: )


Update Team attendance list will be kept here:

Since CD won’t let me update my original post after more than 24 hours… :mad: :wink:


Well as to team 2217, I don’t have an answer yet.
I am very skeptical about the team coming but I’ll keep asking.

Oh and happy birthday Leav!