Israeli Regional Qarter finals-such a dramatic series(+videos)

OK here’s the story(links below):

It’s the Israeli regional quarter-finals, we’re alliance 2231,1731,3316,and we’re up against 2630,3339(both excellent teams over the years),4320(the Rookie All-Stars to-be).

In the first match both alliances were close and we managed to balance with 1731 in the last second while 2630 balanced with 4320 and we lost by one point(our inbounder threw a ball in the basket at the end but it was half a second too late and was disqualified!)
Final score: 42-43

In the second match we had a good autonomous mode scoring 24 points(our robot the only one not scoring…no sweat we scored the second ball in teleoperated). We were ahead so the red alliance tried a triple balance but to no avail-3339 tipped over and 2630 balanced with 4320, meanwhile we understood our chemistry with 1731 and balanced easily with plenty of time spare. Final score 58-35.

Now came the dramatic finish: we started well and were leading 27-23 before starting to balance,we balanced quickly(so did the opposing alliance) to find out that we were supported by the rail!! Our driver quickly fixed this…meanwhile 3339 scored two upper baskets,and 3316 scored one middle basket, 29-29!!!
20 seconds left…3316 drive to the ball…10 seconds left…they nearly pick it up…5 second left…they got it!!..2 seconds left…they lift up they deployer… 1 second left…ball goes in!!!..BUZZER!!!
Final score 51-49

That was an amazing way to finished my 3 years in FIRST as a student(hopefully many more as a mentor and volunteer)

What added to this experience was 2630’s coaches reaction: he came to us after the match,shook hands and told us that the better alliance won,and went on the advise us how to succeed in our next match…

This has been an unforgetable year for me,and this was the peak!
Thanks for reading the long message

First match(two links): (watch 3:19 for the inbounders shot)
Second match:
Third match:
(and we’re off to the semi-finals against the future champions,congratulations to them they were simply amazing)

Most dramatic matches i have seen in my 7 years of FRC.

That was fun to watch. :ahh: I love the excitement in your post too.

Comes to show you the GDC had a kind of good choice in that part when deciding on the game. The success of the game in a lot of terms is in the dynamics of the game and how it can clearly be seen who should/could win.

This has been a great game so far. I’m really impressed with it.

I’m happy to see the excitement of FIRST really starting to gain momentum on the other side of the globe. I know FIRST has been in Israel for 5 or 6 years, but it seems like last year and this year it is really starting to get big.

Congratulations to all of the teams there for what sounds like one of the best competitions of the year. Hope to see some of you in St. Louis.

since 05.

It was my first year in the FRC competition. and i played in this match (in the rookie team 4320) i think that this game was one of the interesting matches of all the Israeli regional. and i think that this match helped us to win the Rookie ALL-Star award.