Israeli teams and Omni wheels

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Hi there,
I believe that some Israeli teams were using omni wheels this year,
and I wanted to ask where did you guys buy those from?

any of you used AndyMark’s?
-was the extra shipping cost worth it?

other local dealers I’m not aware of?

thanks in advance,

Two years ago my team used omniwheels, and we built them ourselves. It was a fun project and we learned many things, however …

If we were to use omniwheels again I am pretty sure we would buy them from Andymark, for three reasons: (1) Andymark’s molded rollers are more durable than the ones we fabricated, (2) our cost of materials to build omniwheels was nearly the same as the price of buying them ready-to-go from Andymark, and (3) our time would be better spent building scoring mechanisms than building omniwheels.

hi Richard
thanks for your reply

we discussed building our own wheels,
but voted against from the reasons you mentioned.

unfortunately, Israeli teams face much higher costs in shipping,
therefore, I asked for the reply of Israeli teams that have purchased
those wheels locally or abroad, to see what I’m facing, and the cost-effectiveness of a purchase.

So, how much does it cost to have a set of AndyMark omniwheels shipped to your team in Israel? I’m guessing it must be more than $40, right?

[edit] I checked the Fed Ex site; a quick estimate based on International Economy rates is about $95. Now I see why you are looking for a closer source. [/edit]

Ran ,

Our team , 1943# Neat-Team , used omniwheels last year .

If you would like to know more , please post your massege in FirstAid forum, or send me an email to

Have a nice day ,

Nadav .

I almost gave up ^^,
thanks Nadav.

We used all omni wheels on our 2004 and 2005 robot. The omni directional robot was fun to drive but students had a hard time controling it in competition. It has alot of potential a long as you have a good programer and good drivers. Pictures Other tips for them


Team 753 (and 997 and 1 more team) use tracks from Outback Mfg.

Just a warning, tracks will push Omni-wheels all day long…and a good Track’bot will go about the same speed too.

In UC Davis Sacremento and NW Pacific (Portland, OR) Regionals we moved other 'bots the entire time

997 even won both regionals last year!!!

Depends on the size of the tracks. Theirs alot of hardware for a good track design, and you have to keep the power up so you can turn it. When we used the Omini directional drive it was easy movement for the motors. If some one wanted to push us, with a quick thrust of the joystick you move sidways and forward and your around them in seconds. No need to push.
check the vidio out at

I’ve seen very few Omni wheels commercially available. In my searching before I have found some all plastic ones in smaller diameters that I have seen some teams use, but nothing on the level of quality of the AM wheels. Unless a new dealer pops up in israel, your best bet is to just order from AM.