Israeli Teams need help at St. Louis!

Hey guys,
So there will be (i hope) 6 teams from Israel at St. Louis.
As we have to fly half a globe for that, there is a long list of stuff we cant bring with us for the competition, and we need it.

We come to you, teams in attendance and other local St. Louis teams for help with that.
( i should mention that i mentor team 3211, but will contact all other teams from Israel if it comes to that).

Equipment needed:
Batteries (cant bring them to USA)
Chargers (we use 220V, which are useless, we need 110V)
Tools - Going anywhere from wrenches, measurement tape to drills etc.
Stands for the pit - to have a ‘base’ where we can hang our pit.

Bringing tools and pit bases is very expansive, and we will not be able to bring it.
If you have anyway to help us, feel free to contact me on this thread, via PM or mail me at [email protected]


Team 1208 can provide batteries, chargers and tools. Not sure about the stands for pit, we can provide you with a table.

Will you be at the championship?
Also - what amount are we talking about here? (i’m trying to help all 6 teams)


We will be at the championships and are a St. Louis area team. We can probably come up with 6 batteries, 2 chargers, 2 drills, and 4 tables. It is a start. Can teams 931, 1985 and 1094 chip in?

Anyone who want is more than welcome to help of course!
I dont have any contacts with those teams though.

I can’t seem to find the link but FIRST provides batteries to out of country teams for champs due to the shipping issue.

Yup. 2 batteries per team. That won’t be nearly enough though…

When my Team, 1662, went to Israel FIRST always supplied batteries and a charger. 2 batteries were always enough. They took us all the way through the finals to a win. They do the same for Israeli teams coming here. Check with 1577 in Raanana. They have made the trip before. Alisha also knows what to expect.

2 batteries is not enough. You need a bare minimum of 6 if you expect to make the eliminations.

Based on my experience, i will have to at least agree with that. And even 6 is not always enough.
Take in count batteries for practice field if needed, and about 8 matches a day.
We want to be able to have a new battery for every match, at least that’s how we roll in Israel.

I’ll ask when i get back with the team, but probbly so

In addition, we will be needing a cart for the robot.
Can anyone help with that?
We promise cookies, hugs and general Israeli love in return :slight_smile:

We can probably come up with something. We have to talk about it at our Tuesday meeting, but, as we are not attending champs, we should be able to provide you with some tools and other supplies. We are local, and have batteries, tools, chargers, etc. We also have a cart, but it has been modified for our robot.

It may, perhaps, be most useful to ask St. Louis area teams NOT attending the Championship for assistance.

They may be able to devote all of their batteries, all of their tools and spares, their robot cart, and perhaps a mentor with a suitable vehicle and knowledge of the local Home Depots and other stores to the cause of supporting international teams.

In fact, this might be a great initiative to involve local teams that haven’t qualified, by making a few key people “honorary members” of overseas teams and helping them out.

After all, its not just Israeli teams that will face these challenges!


You don’t happen to have a way to contact the state coordinator or whatever of St Louis area, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

While I am not quite a coordinator, I will contact my friends on other teams and see if they will step up. I am assuming they will, as many area teams are very friendly.

Thank you! it highly appreciated! Let me know what comes up so i can let the teams know what we came up with.

I am pretty sure team 4256 will be able to help… idk if we are going to worlds but we will be operating LIVE there at the very least and it is probable we could drop by some tools

Here is a link to the St. Louis area FIRST website contact form:

Hopefully they get back to you ASAP.

While I can’t guarantee that we will have nearly enough materials for all teams, Team 2194 Fondy Fire from Wisconsin would be happy to help with any small tools you might need through the competition. You can feel free to stop by our pit to ask us. We are a small team, but we tend to have a decent amount of small parts and tools. Not sure how much we are bringing or how many batteries we will have, but we would be happy to give advice or lend some things out when we get there. We are definitely going this year. Just let us know when you see us there. Good luck to all teams, and wishing you a safe trip!

Team 4500 would be happy to provide you with anything that you need (that we have). We’re a local area team not going to Championships, so we’d only be able to deliver the items in the afternoons.

Tell me what you will need, and I’ll try to work it out.