Issue on using Windriver Workbench in Eclipse

In short, how do you do it? Everywhere that I look tells you what to do after switching from the default workbench to the windriver one, but how to actually go from one to the other escapes me. Can anyone help?


I think you are trying to ask how to get to WR? dont open eclipse, and switch, Either do the dektop icon, or Start>Programs>Wind River>Workbench 3.0>Workbench 3.0

There’s my problem, I think. I don’t get an icon on my desktop, and when I go to Windriver-Workbench 3.0, it gives me a folder named ‘wrwb’ that contains a long folder chain ending in several xml documents, but nothing that remotely looks (or does) anything with loading the workbench. I’ve installed Windriver from CD 3 times now, and still fail to get the icon, does anyone know what’s going on?

Try creating your own shortcut and set the target to…


assuming you installed at c:\windriver