Issue running Labview installer on new laptop

Hi, we recently received a new computer, because our old one had broken down. So we went to install Labview 2017 however every time we run it, it stops at 1% saying stopping installation for no apparent reason as well as something about NI Network Discovery . The computer has windows 7 and I have disabled the firewall. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Where are you installing LabVIEW from-KOP CD or Internet download from the NI site?

At first guess I’d suspect a corrupted install file, but it could also be interference from anti-virus or other protective software.

Although the instructions do not tell you, are you connected to the internet?
I found that the installer wants to (silently) install MS software from the internet during the installation.

Also, make sure all the patches are up to date on Windows 7.

The installer shouldn’t require the internet connection for anything beyond “check for updates?” if that’s an option.

I’d want to focus more towards which installer you’re using. Based on saying LabVIEW 2017, I’m going to assume it’s the Kit of Parts DVD.

Does that DVD work on other PCs? If so, we can generally tell the installer works. We just need to figure out why it doesn’t work on your PC.

The firewall and AntiVirus mentioned already are good ideas. Disable any of these. Then reboot and try again. If that doesn’t work, navigate to the Resources\Distributions\LabVIEW 2016 folder on the DVD and try to install JUST that component. Does that work?

If not, go to Control Panel and look at the Add/Remove Software option. See if you have “National Instruments Software” in the list. If so, let’s try uninstalling these. Then, we can try an install.

If that doesn’t work, take a look at: This will help you force install LabVIEW. Does that work?

Really, you’d probably be best served calling 866-511-6285 between 1-7PM CST Mon-Fri and getting someone from NI to help you through installation options in a more interactive way than we can hash out on these forums.

I’d also suggest running Windows Update and getting all of that done. Some teams have been running into issues with those this season.