Issue Tracking Repository

OK guys n gals
What issue tracking repositories are you using.
At 1745 we have used Google Code for the last several years to host and our GIT Repository, but this summer they depreciated the issue tracking API (we used that for keeping our task lists in sync).

What other 0 cost issue tracking repositories are out there(with netbeans integration prefered).

Dunno about netbeans integration, last year on 79 I started using github issues (along with the wiki… I’ve pretty much drank the GH koolaid). Continued the trend on 125… now if I can get the students to pay attention to them…

My team has been hosting our code on GitHub, and recently we’ve been using GitHub Issues for issue tracking. There is no cost for public repos, and they also offer free private repos to FRC teams and other educational groups: I don’t know about NetBeans integration, but it has been working well for us so far.

We’ve used a combination of a spreadsheet shared in the cloud and TODO comments in the code, which netbeans treats as action items.

We are also using github issues.
Some beefs: you can’t assign an issue to multiple people, anyone can edit/close the issue, linking pull requests to issues isn’t intuitive.

But it’s free and its available to everyone, and is working pretty well so far this year, in past years nobody checked them at all and they were quite stagnant.

Awesome Github looks like it will work. thanks guys