Issue with Pixycam object detection

I’m trying to detect reflective tape for the new 2022 game for the top ring. I am using Pixymon to train and everything seems alright, it detects the reflective tape (I am LEDing it with green) however when I get a piece of metal, like from scissors, and angle it in a certain way the green light will illuminate the metal and it will detect the scissors. I am a bit worried about this because what about our shooter accidentally targeting other robots. Then again, this was done in a dark room with just one light source so it might be different in an illuminated area. Thanks for any advice!

We struggled a bit with that and we were able to play with some of the signature settings in pixymon to reduce it, but not eliminate it.

Our 2016 autonomous worked great in our district events. When we got to champs the diamond plate end walls were highly polished and the robot started shooting at its own reflection.

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