Ok, well our team is just finishing up wiring this year’s bot but we have one problem. We decided early on to go with the smaller, six-slot black fuse panel from the kit, to conserve space and such. However we forgot to factor in the two gear tooth sensors we have mounted on the drive motors of each side. Our quandary is this: there is one fuse slot left on the panel. While it is physically possible and safe to wire the power leads from each into the one slot, (they only take 16mA each), is it legal to do so? I’ve flipped through the rules and can’t find anything yet, so hopefully I won’t have to do a boatload of re-wiring and mounting, however if anyone can find a rule against attaching these two leads together it would be a great clarification for my team.


<R55> is probably the best I can offer you. The only things that are required to be by themselves on a breaker are Spikes, Victors, and the RC. In any case, I’m quite certain that this is legal.