Issues flashing new firmware to limelight

We have tried following along to the steps at Getting Started — Limelight 1.0 documentation, but the limelight does not appear as a device in Balena Etcher. When the USB-MicroUSB cable is connected the green light never turns on, but this may be intentional.

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When you say no green light, do you mean you don’t have the little green light inside the limelight or that the large LED ring of green doesn’t come on?

The little green lights inside are what you are looking for when connected. We had issues this past week as well, try different cables, different laptops.

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Almost for sure is the usb cable. The best bet is to get a cable that is designed for data. We’ve had success with a good Anker cable.

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Yes, Erik is correct. It is quite common for people to try to flash or do things with cables that are charge only micro-usb cables. The problem is that there’s typically not an exterior visual cue as to whether or not there is a data wire connected. You have to look inside the USB connector to verify you have all the right cables terminated.

Best to just buy one that is explicitly stating that it’s a data cable.


Thanks @NewtonCrosby and @ErikSLee for the help. I believe this has been resolved. We’re taking some steps now to hopefully eliminate this problem.

hopefully is it involves a good ssh / secondary wifi network / apt-get update process :wink:

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