Issues with adding more than 4 Motor Controllers


Our team is having trouble connecting multiple motor controllers to our robot.
Our drive system works fine, with 4 Talons, but if we try to add even one more in, the code crashes when we enable the robot, causing the drive system to run for a second or so and then break, rendering it inoperable, until we disable and re-enable.

We’ve tried changing the fifth to a jaguar, and a victor (as well as the original talon), but nothing works. (removing the fifth from the code causes it to run fine)

The issue doesn’t seem to be in our code, since the separately created labview and c++ code both have this issue.

Does anyone know what might be causing this? Any help would be extremely appreciated!!

By process of elimination, have you tried replacing your digital sidecar? It seems that it isn’t the motor controller and it isn’t the code, so try the next item, PWM cable, Digital Sidecar, DB37 Cable, etc.

What do you see that leads you to the conclusion that the code is crashing?

This type of problem is commonly caused by not properly powering the digital sidecar. If you remove the DB-37 cable from the Digital Sidecar, are all 3 power LEDs brightly lit?

We tried unplugging the DB37 and all 3 lights did not light up.

We’re running power to the sidecar from the 5 volt output on the power distribution board.

We’ve had issues with sidecars in the past. However, the sidecar we are using should work.

Should we remove the power from the 5 volt and replace it with the 12 volt?

Thank you for the speedy replies and your help!

You should definitely do that. The Digital Sidecar needs 12 volts to work properly. The 5 volt output on the Power Distribution Board should be reserved for the camera if you are using one.

Yes. And you should also seriously consider downloading the wiring instructions from the and websites and have someone carefully check all your wiring. It may save you a lot of unnecessary grief and downtime.

We did as you suggested, and it worked perfectly.
Thank you for the help, we’ll be sure to check these things in the future.