Issues with FRC Pi Image and Microsoft HD-3000

I can’t seem to get the Raspberry Pi to connect to my computer. I have turned off my Firewall.

I have tried connecting it directly to my computer via Ethernet.

How were you SSH’ing into it? (what address were you using)?

I have the rpi hooked up to a monitor and i have been accessing it through there. i have not been able to get the the rpi to show that it is connected on the FRCVision site.

It looks like you’ve been able to connect to the website previously? Try closing the browser and reconnecting, or hook up both to a network with DHCP. If you want to try connecting via IP address, since you have a monitor connected, you can try running “ifconfig -a” to find out the IP address and connect that way rather than the mDNS name.

It pings the raspberry pi but I don’t know why it doesn’t connect to the FRCVision site but the camera feed is showing on our separate local website for our camera.

might it be the operating system im using? because my mentor could connect perfectly fine in his mac

Try using a different browser. It’s been a while since I’ve tested with IE, or IE may be blocking Javascript.