Issues with Generate_Pwms() function

Hi there, guys and girls!

While we were trying to make our robot move autonomously, we discovered we can’t do anything without the (hidden) Generate_Pwms function.
When we use this function and give the neutral (127) value to the motors they don’t move but start to spontaneously tick for a ms every couple of seconds.
If you came across a similar problem, please let us know - preferablly with your solution. If not, feel free to send us any thoughts or ideas that might help.

Thanks a lot,
Team Steampunk, #1577 (Raanana, Israel)

While I personally have not seen the problem yet, I’ve about it.
Basically, PWMs 13-16 aren’t true PWMs, they’re faked. If you have interupts enabled, then these are probably screwed up.

As for the solution, the best one is probably to not use PWMs 13-16. It has been mentioned in other threads.