Issues with grip on raspberry pi.

We are having difficulty with our vision system. We are using grip on the raspberry pi 2. We are using an axis camera. The camera and the pi are connected to a switch which is connected to port 802.3 on the router.

We have two issues:

  1. We cannot communicate to the pi while on the field. It does work in the pit.
  2. When we startup grip on the pi after boot up, we see a connection to the network table but the values do not update. We have to start grip numerous times before it starts to work. We think it is having difficulty connecting to the camera. We can see the stream from the camera before we starup grip on the pi.


Network Tables is currently brokenly unreliable on the field. It killed us in two of our only three losses and continued to pester us in eliminations. You’d have to talk with the FTA to establish a temporary workaround

Can anyone else confirm this? We’re currently using Network Tables to communicate between our Pi and our RoboRIO and I’d rather not have it fail during a match. If this is the case, what other ways could we go about sending information over?

For Lansing, we will be using a custom C++ dashboard that communicates via TCP socket and has all of the data we need. I can share the communication code once I get it solid.

For this weekends competition we had to use the workaround of rebooting robot code every time we got on the field and got connected. Just make sure to have a “connection indicator” widget shown. I’d also recommend sending a sine wave over so you can verify that network tables is valid via SmartDashboard (SmartDashboard and GRIP both use the same net tables library but there’s no indicator when GRIP fails)

On a side note it never seemed to fail during a match, it would only fail to connect and once fixed by the driver was fine throughout the match (I think? We mainly used it for auton selection…)