Issues with mounting encoders on Toughbox Mini

The mounting holes on the Toughbox mini are too small and I doubt they are even threaded. They just look like place holders. I believe they are made for the US Digital encoders that we all use, but due to the fact that teams rarely buy Toughbox minis, there might have been a mishap and the holes were just forgotten about. Any solutions to this? We do not want to resort to drilling the holes ourselves.

All the toughbox minis we have measure to the print specification found on AM’s website. Does yours?

The shell of the mini is a composite. That makes it easy to fasten things do because you can use self-tapping screws rather than tapping it yourself.

Why wouldn’t you want to drill them if you need a larger size?

Been here before… either use self-tapping screws or get a tap and start threading. the first is quicker but the second is more “proper”; both work just fine.

I know this isnt the proper way, but we just used alot of pressure and used the screws that came with the encoders. It worked, but i would recommend the tap if you have one.