Issues with non working victor constant orange led

Hey. Our team 2185 has been having some issues with our 2007 robot.

When we plug everything in and power on our victors for the drive train stay solid orange. We have all greens on the board, and nothing else seems to be wrong. What we thing is wrong is either something is bad with the victor or the cables are bad. We have tried multiple PWM ports on the robot interface but no luck.

Does anyone have any ideas how to troubleshoot or fix this issue? I was thinking to get a few new cables, but are the PWM cables special to first or could i get them at any electronics store?

Thanks for any help, Team 2185

Put a printf statement into your code to display the pwm values. It is either software or the trim on your joysticks.

The lights on the victors on our 2007 robot seem to be orange also, but the robot works just fine.

Do you have a problem with the robot’s functionality?

also if you’re having the same problem with all victors, I would not expect all the cables to be bad the same way, all of a sudden.

Bad PWM cables (or robot DISABLED) would be indicated by a blinking orange light on the victors.
A solid light means the vistors are receiving a proper neutral control signal over the PWM cable.

We had the same problem.
Replacing both the pwm cable, and the victor solved it.
I think though the problem was with the PWM cable.
We had another seniliar problem yesterday, the camera didnt recieve any voltage, we replaced the PWM cable and everything if fine.

Sometimes, while it might seem like the PWM cable is all the way in, it might actually not be making full contact on all pins…you might need to pull out the cable and make sure that all the pins are straight, and be careful when plugging it back in that all the pins slide into their respective spots.

To emphasize what Mark posted, this is from the IFI Users Manual:

The LED indicator will be GREEN in ‘full-forward’ condition, RED in ‘full-reverse’ and ORANGE while in neutral.

A solid orange light is exactly what you should see. A lack of functionality points to software or the operator interface…


I would check to see that your motors are plugged into the correct ports on your controller. That seems to be the problem to me… especially since it has been about 9 months since the robot was in competition. Some kid may have been looking around, pulled out a cable, and plugged it back into the wrong port without knowing.

OK if your victor has a solid orange LED light and you are telling the motor plugged into that particular victor to run and it is not running you can try a few things. (just so you know if there is a solid orange LED then THE PWM CABLE IS FINE!!!)

It is receiving proper signal and it is communicating with the RC.

A few things you can check

  1. Is the victor plugged in to the correct PWM signal OUTPUT spot on the RC?
  2. Is the polarity correct? (+ is in + and - is in -)
  3. Is the power IN from the battery plugged into the IN POWER on the victor not the out power?

Try a few of these things and let me know if that works for you.

Sorry for the really late reply. Thanks for all the help. We ended up fixing it.

The coding was messed up, we think someone got on the computer when it was open and messed with the defaults so then we were just loading bad defaults.

So we just got it coded in C by a team member.

Thanks so much for the quick replies, glad to see there is somewhere we can come for help!

no problem