Issues with radio after Events

So yesterday we decided to run our robot for the first time since competition, we plugged it in and hit configure erasing the field data like normal. After we configured the radio we attempted to connect to the driver station via wireless connection, our driver station computer did not pick up the signal for the radio, after bout 10 minutes of waiting we decided to try connecting it via ethernet cable again we noticed that the radio was not appereing for our driver station, but was appering for other computer via wireless, the only thing out of placed on the bot is the Power Distrubution Panel is flashing yellow as a fault I don’t how to fix that or if it even has anything to do with it. Has anyone had this issue and how do i fix it, any suggestions.


Can you see any other wifi networks on your driver station computer? I suspect the wifi adapter might be disabled. Try following the windows 7 instructions here.

The WPA2 key on the radio is set to something event-specific at the event. You will need to use the FRC Radio Tool to reprogram your radio before you use it outside of an event.

He said he did that. He also said the network is showing up on another computer. I agree with ATannahill that the adapter is likely just disabled.

Thank you. We actually just bought a new computer to run driver station, took 3 hours to download everything but it seems to have solved the problem.