Issues with swervedrivespecialties mk3 swerve program

lately my team has decided to change our drivetrain to swerve and we having trouble looking for a good swerve program and when we found one we had a lot of trouble with it, we saw a lot of suggestions about the swervedrivespecialties mk3 swerve program but we still have trouble with it .
first when i start the robot with the program dowloaded he wheels just moving really fast with 100% power, even when i tune the PID values the same happens. and when i looked at the code i cant see any library of joystick, so how am i suppose to control the robot. any suggestions?

Swerve Drive is a very complicated beast to understand. WPILib does a great job of simplifying it down, but when we took it on this year, I made my programmers go through a series of steps during implementation. Namely, they first implemented it by calculating the raw physics using the summaries and formulas defined by Ether way-back-when. This series of papers are a great read regardless of if you’re going to do it this way or not.

After doing it that way, we had a couple persistent bugs that made us full swap to the WPILib implementation. You can follow their tutorials here

Unfortunately, you’re always going to run into bugs that a library isn’t going to be able to solve for you, based entirely around how you built your robot. Which motors and encoders, how the modules are mounted to your robot, what CAN ID’s you gave them, where 0 is, etc… I’ve found that it is easiest to debug those issues, if you can isolate them from the swerve drive by having a deeper understanding of how swerve works.

I’m looking for an already done swerve program or a way to fix the program of swervedrivespecialties mk3 swerve for out robot.

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