Issues With Talon SRX on Kitbot

We are using the standard 4x Talon SRX with 4 CIM motors on a kitbot frame. We are not using any kind of Pneumatics as we plan to use It as a drive train. When we push the code to the robot and then enable it, It will not move nor will the indication lights on the Talon SRX change. We can make any motor controller “Blink” Using the phoenix tuner. The code appears to Identify the motor controllers but I am not a programmer so I cannot say for sure. Our code may be outdated so If anyone has code that they know works for this type of setup that would be greatly appreciated.

Also if anyone has any ideas to point us in the right direction that would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks Everyone!

Post your code on github. We can’t help without seeing code.

I can see if I can find the link.

This is the base robot branch.

Aha. Found the problem. DriveWithJoystick is never actually running. You need to put
setDefaultCommand(new DriveWithJoystick());
initDefaultCommand() in Chassis.

Edit: I was looking in Snoop. The problem is the same in RobotMaster with different names.

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