issues with the manual or documentation

I don’t have an account to report issues through the official sources, so this thread is to collect questions about the documentation so that the right person can ask FIRST or for others to clear up. This thread is NOT intended to answer rules questions that don’t stem from typos or possible contradictions.

Please give a clear description of what document/page/item or rule number you are referencing.

Here’s my first one: KOP checklist, page 11 of 28, Item #5: Seems to list both a jaguar AND a motor. Is there an extra motor in the box, or is there just extra random text here? Edit: also appears in the Rookie kit section.

And here’s my first funny one: Manual chapter 10, section 10.2.4, page 4 of 6: They give the friction coefficients for the slick wheels, but they seem to be based on last year’s floor surface. Is the tower platform made of old regolith?

Edit: The posted DOGMA.pdf password does not work. I also tried various typos of the password (forgetting the !, Caps lock on, lowercase b, etc.), but couldn’t get in. I know others have had issues as well.