Issues with the Phoenix Tuner

Our programming group has had problems with the Phoenix tuner software. We are able to connect and use the software. Everything is all well and good till we power cycle the robot, when we try to run our code in labview it works till we enable, then we get an error for the Victor SPX library not being there or something close. We fix the issue by finishing our code then running the tuner, then running the code again. Is this how it should be? I thought we would only have to run it once and it would be good after that. Any ideas on how to correct this issue?

You only need to run Phoenix Tuner to set up you CTRE CAN devices. You do not have to have it running when deploying/testing code. If you’re running into intermittent issues where your code kind of works, I would check to make sure all of your Victor’s are updated to the correct FRC firmware version (4.11) and then check your code where you are using Victor’s to see if you wrote your code correctly (e.g. you didn’t initialize an intake motor correctly, so whenever you try to use it, your code crashes).

Could you post the exact error message you’re getting? That would probably help us narrow down what’s going on here.

Follow this section of our documentation on verifying your robot controller setup with LabVIEW:

Based on your description it sounds like you’re seeing the error we describe at the end of that section. The fix for this error is also described there.