Issues with VexNet

Hey, we are having a problem with our Vex controller, it will not connect with our Cortex while we are working inside of our lab (inside of our local high school). We believe that the problem is due to the interference of the school’s wifi (we believe that WIPS is enabled), because we can connect our robot wirelessly outside the school, but as we drive it inside on the way to our lab it disconnects and will not connect again. Currently we are having to tether the controller to the Cortex to temporarly solve this issue and we would like to have it resolved. Has anyone had any problems similar to this or have and input as to what we can do to connect wirelessly again?


Try re-pairing the devices.

  • Sunny G.

If your school has a WIPS, then you’ll need to talk to your school’s network administrator to have them whitelist your VEXnet keys so the WIPS doesn’t target them. To do this you’ll need a list of all the MAC addresses for each of your VEXnet keys. VEX provides a tool to collect the MAC addresses here.

If you need more help, I suggest posting your question in the official VEX forums here. VEX employees monitor that forum and are very helpful with getting issues resolved. In general the VEX forums have a lot more VEX-related activity than CD does, so you might want to check that out either way.

As the post above said something about the wifi problem, that is probably it. It could also be ‘‘dud’’ keys. Some of the keys my school has do not work.