Issues With VS Code

I am having issues with getting code to build and deploy. These issues happen seperately and at seemingly random times. The first is when I am trying to build robot code and it only outputs this one line and then fails. I have uninstalled and installed the update suite multiple times and I don’t see why my code doesn’t work half of the time.

root project > Resolve dependencies of detachedConfiguration1

The second issue I am having is the RoboRIO version is too new for VSCode and it refuses to run, with something along the lines of

ROBORio version invalid: rio_2019_v12 ( I might have syntax totally wrong, I can’t replicate the error right now ) : Only versions are [2018_V16, 2018_V17, 2018_V18]

I don’t know if I am missing one download that is causing these issues or if it is the order that I did these things in. And wisdom would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Your project is using the alpha. You need to install the 2019.2.1 offline installer if you haven’t already. There isn’t a way to port a project from the alpha to 2019 directly; you will need to create a new project in the 2019 released version and copy your code in.

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Started that download as I was typing this. Will that fix both issues? I installed the previous version ( 2019.1.1, linked was 2019.2.1 ) and it gave me the error.

You had to have created a new project. The projects created during the alpha do not work, and their is no upgrader.

I did both. I created around 2 dozen projects trying different paths, different code, and different versions of everything. Nothing I did gave me an obvious answer.

When you ran the installer, did you click the select/download vscode button? The installer will not install into an existing vscode installation, it installs it’s own.

I tried it 3 different times. One without installing new version, code worked I think then ran into the RIO issue, tried again WITH installing vs, code didn’t work OR got RIO error, trying now WITH installing vscode

Ok, so you’re opening the FRC vscode icon on the desktop to open vscode? A project created from there specifically should work, as the alpha won’t install into that.

You need to use the frc 2019 icon on the desktop. If you still have a 2018 icon it’s from alpha.

I have been using the new W icon ever since I got the update suite installed. I have created projects from there and still had no real luck. I am now away from our main computer so I cannot try any more troubleshooting measures, but I may be able to provide information. I had installed the FRCupdatesuite.something.something.2019u, the WPIlib installer, and the NI software for everything, and I had no real luck.

Ok, once you’re back there, open vscode, and open the extensions tab. In there should be WPILib, send the version.

Got it coach, I’ll be back Sunday morning, so you’ll have to wait for a hot second.

It is 2019.2.1. The most recent version.

Edit : It now works with template code, but our code doesn’t recognize the CTRE and NavX imports, am I missing something there?

Click the WPI icon in VSCode, then scroll down until you see “WPILib: Manage Vendor Libraries”. Select that and you will be given a list of libraries - tick the ones you want.

If you don’t see the libraries, you haven’t installed them yet - see here:

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