Issues with WCP Solid Roller Wheels

We recently picked up 4 of WCP’s new 4" OD x 2" WD 40A Solid Roller Wheels and have been extremely happy with the results we have been seeing. Unfortunately, we have already had two fail.

The first wheel failed after around 15 shots at 5500 RPM with no safety wire. Given R.C.'s post, I thought we would be okay running them slower with no safety wire while we waited for it to arrive.

I was a bit surprised to have a wheel fail so early under what I thought were pretty light conditions, so I figured it was probably a fluke.

Once the safety wire arrived, we applied it to the wheels as was suggested at Flywheel Do's and Don'ts - #26 by RoboChair.

Just tonight while we were testing we our second wheel fail.

This was after around ~60 shots, also at 5500 RPM.

Is this something other teams have been seeing? Are we doing something wrong or is this the kind of life we should be expecting to get from our wheels?


Any similar results with harder durometer wheels?

Def not the life you should be seeing, we saw this issue with the 30a wheels so we ended up cancelling them for this season.

1323 is running 60a duro and has shot ~50-100 shots per day since kickoff. No issues there.

Can you email me and we’ll get a return label so we can investigate further. Do you know much expansion there was? We’ve noticed this happen the moment the urethane can expand “too” much and it rips. TL;DR we’ll get to the bottom of this and make improvements as needed.


That light grey color is similar to what came in our order; we had ordered 40A. Is it possible that we have 30A wheels by mistake, RC? Thanks.

There are no 30a wheels in circulation. Only 40a and 60a for this season.

Great, thanks. We’ve not had any issues but thought I ought to check.

Thanks for the quick response!

I will email you later tonight to set up the return.

While shooting, we noticed some expansion, maybe around a 1/2" or so. Hard to really tell exactly how much.

We also had the same issue, but WCP was really helpful and willing to fix the problem so that was nice.

I’ll do some testing comparing what we have vs expansion. My gut feeling is its just past the rpm limit/ripping. We’ll be working with our supplier and see what we can do about this.

Do you have any recommendations on what we should do with our other two wheels? Should we be banding them with safety wire tighter or do two bands or something else?

With all the testing we’ve done with these it really puts us in a bad situation if we have them continue to fail on us.

The best bet is to:

  1. Try wrapping tighter, expansion is probably the killer here.
  2. Slower RPM/more compression. I would aim for somewhere around 4-4.5k.
  3. Wait till we have 60a back into stock late feb or purchase other alternatives.

I am sorry for the issue, but we haven’t tested this wheel over a course of a season yet. We also haven’t seen this issue with the 40a till now, saw it with the 30a so we canned those till we could do more testing.

Again TL;DR new issue for us, haven’t seen it and will be working on getting better performance. But I’m unsure “how” much better we’ll be able to get out of the 40a softness, once our factory boots back up we’ll be spending quite a bit time with them.


With safety wire? Or without?

No safety wire. Been shooting between 4k to 8k, at some point we were testing 9k but decided against that, this duro doesn’t expand as much as the 40a.

Not to further derail this thread, I see these roller wheels are urethane, how well do these react to glazing?

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