Istanbul, not Constantinople.


Once again, I find myself watching a far flung regional seven time zones forward.

They are in the Quarter Finals, and again, it is a rudimentary regional.
It has the drama of any competition.
It also has pretty good production values.

So cool that the students in the stands show the same spirit and enthusiasm that we see at any competition.

Make it Loud around the globe.


Does anyone know why 3646 is listed as the second seed, but is not in the eliminations bracket?


Maybe they broke down or something?


I see the OP has wonderful taste in music.


I’m curious about that as well. It’s weird that a chairmans finalist who ranked second at the event wasn’t in elims at all and didn’t win an award.


Looking at the stream, they withdrew from the tournament at the end of qualifications, likely due to apparent robot issues during the last 60 seconds of Q74.


Thanks for the “Puttin’ on the Ritz” earworm.


Why would a rank 2 tell a rank 24 (picked 12th) to throw a match? Wouldn’t you be far more concerned about your #1 pick?


If you’re #2 you have options for your first pick, when it rubber bands back you start to run out of options for your second pick. Definitely not saying they were in the right because this is why C03 exists.


This is a serious accusation in my eyes, and is fairly baseless as it stands. Witch hunting is not something that should be encouraged on these forums. You may believe there was a violation, but posting something like this is not GP in and of itself, and us bandwaggoning wouldn’t be either.

If you truly believe something like this took place, you should report it to FIRST with as much evidence as you can, but doing it on Chief is not the place to do it, IMO.


Thank you for this post. We all know that nobody would lie on the internet(/s), but misinformation, rumor, bias, personal feelings, and good intentions are capable of landing very far off the mark sometimes. It is important to always remember this.

Now I personally have no idea what happened and while I know where my opinion will lay if this is true, I do not know for certain what did happen and will refrain from the airing of speculation until we get additional information.


Integra never won Chairman’s at the Turkish Off-Season. 2905 won it the first and second times, 6429 won it the third time.


Y’all all wrong, it’s İstanbul. not Istanbül or Istanbul, or Constantinople


How about Byzantium? :slight_smile:



Allah Hallah :stuck_out_tongue:


FWIW, I’ve found that “Swinging on a Star” can chase out any lesser, more annoying earworm, and it’s so positive that I sometimes miss it when it fades and I’ll start it up again.