IT on Comedy Central

I thought I should just stick this in… Apparently The Daily Show is going to be running a segment on Ginger, and being a fan of the show, am kind of excited to see how it will be portrayed… I hope they don’t turn it into a shameless plug for Battlebots… A guy can dream, can’t he??

The Daily Show is one of my favorites…
the interviews they do are hillarious

Hahahahaha. I just saw it. It was really really funny, at least I got a kick out of it. If you can find a copy or watch a rerun I definitely think you should. It was quite entertaining.


Definately a fun thing… And no Battlebots reference… Yay!!

So was the portrayal of IT on South Park that bad? I didn’t happen to catch it but heard it was crude? If it was really crude don’t go into any details on this site, being family oriented and all, but I just wanted to know everybody’s impression of South Park’s version of IT.

it was pretty bad. any posted details will most likely be removed.
catch it in a rerun if you’re curious.

Yeah, it was pretty bad. Although I really didn’t think of it till now, the pretty much main feature of Mr. Garrison’s invention was that it was based on a gyroscope. (well… technically it was Mr. Hat’s idea, but…) At the time I was like “ha ha, just like the IBOT” and never really gave it much thought. But now that I think about it, I wonder if they had some inside information… or are just really good guessers!