it seems there is no program in crio after downloading

hello …
we tryed to download the project (simple template that comes with windriver) it succeed but it seems there is no program in the crio and the control system flashing… the driverstation show battery: “no code” … we restarted the crio and the driver station … so the problem dosen’t change.

please need ur help!!

Make sure you have (a) undeployed the default code, and (b) You have clicked “Automatically attach spawned kernel tasks” in the debug options. You can check the kernel task list to see if there is already an FRC_RobotTask in there (which happens to be the task that gets started by default).

i will try this when debuging … but when i download the project by FIRST downloader why it doesn’t success

Did you set the downloader preferences?
Window>Prefrences:>FIRST Download Options

no … we didn’t … i don’t have the program here … could u send me a picture for that windows and what options should i make

Look at the menu: Window / Prefences, then the FIRST Downloader Preferences tab. Fill in your team number (that sets the IP address) and the .OUT file name. The .OUT file will be in the c:\windriver\workspace<project-name>\PPC603gnu_debug directory. After that you should be able to download the project.

Remember, you only have to download it when you want it to start at power up of the cRIO. If you are debugging use the “Debug Kernel Task” option.

I dont have it here either, but attached is a quick rendering of what it should look like (yes, i just did it in Visual Studio Designer)

thank you alot i will try it … do u think it may fix the problem ??

We had this same issue, and resolved it by specifically pointing to the WPILib.a file in the project Build Options.

can u give me a picture for the project build options that u mean … cuase i don’t remember how to get it …

You will also get “No Code” when you load a program that has unresolved symbols. You can see if this is your problem by hooking up the serial console and watching the cRIO load your program as it boots up. It will print messages telling you which symbols remain unresolved.

Unresolved symbols occur when your program calls out to some function or variable that is not defined in your code (for example, saying a class has some member function in its definition, but then never actually implementing the function).

The serial console has proved extremely helpful for us in resolving most code download issues.

I don’t have the development computer available to me right now, but from memory:
Project menu>Preferences
then click on (I think) Build Preferences
Then click on the Libraries tab
and add WPILib.a as a fully qualified library file

Or at least that was what fixed our problem.
And yeah this is related to unresolved symbols.

it does work after updating windriver thx all