it would be funny if...

it would be funny if Dean Kamen was to give free segways to people in FIRST

It wouldn’t be funny, it would be awesome! However, that would be nowhere near feasable. 20000 people in FIRST (I’m not sure if this is still accurate) times 5000 dollars per segway = 100 million dollars worth of Segways and that much money lost by DEKA.

I think it would be cool if they would either stick a Segway in the kit or have them for rent at comps. :slight_smile:

Better idea:

At the championship, when they select alliances on Saturday, have a couple handy for teams who left that one all-important object in their pits.

Maybe they could make it a tax write-off. :slight_smile:

THAT is a great idea. Only thing is liability of it, which is great. :-/
Owners know how to use it, and don’t let anyone just step on. If they do, they take the time to explain. If you rent, you will likely see 10 kids band together to rent one, and take turns goofing off.

It sounded like a good idea, then I thought about it. :-/


if this ever happened that would be soooo coooool!! discounts are nice too :slight_smile:

What about it being part of the grand prize to the winners of the Chairman’s Award?