items/devices/mechanisms hanging from robot

Team #1566 is wondering what exact specifications there are for having items hanging down from the robot. Is there a certain length it can be above the ground? Or is it basically if it fits under the robot it works.


Mitch Guzman

Don’t let anything hang down so far that you get metal-to-carpet contact. That’s about it.

Along with complying with all the rules about BUMPER PERIMETER, FRAME PERIMETER, etc.

Im working with a rookie team an I’m wondering if hanging a chain for defense that is not touching the carpet except at the bump is within the rules

I believe that hanging chains/strings/etc constitutes an entanglement hazard as defined in Section 8 <R06> of the game manual.

This is a risky idea on many levels. Objects extending outside the frame for more than two seconds, metal to carpet contact, entanglement, etc. Students need to look over the rules several times before they begin to see them as a sum of parts. Your first stumbling block will be your first practice match when the refs disable you for one of the above rule infractions.

Hanging a chain for defense? I simply cannot imagine how this might work. Enlighten me?

Here is what i believe is the relevant rule.

<R08> ROBOT wheels, tracks, and other parts intended to provide traction on the FIELD may be
purchased or fabricated (“traction devices” include all parts of the ROBOT that are designed
to transmit any propulsive and/or braking forces between the ROBOT and the FIELD). In no
case will traction devices that damage the carpet or other playing surfaces be permitted.
Traction devices shall not have surface features such as metal, sandpaper, hard plastic
studs, cleats, or other attachments. Anchors (i.e. devices that are deployed/used to keep
one’s ROBOT in one place and prevent if from being moved by another ROBOT) shall not
use metal in contact with the carpet to “stay put.” Gaining traction by using adhesives or
Velcro-like fastener material is not allowed.