Iterative Scoring Program

I originally wrote this program to give to the team i use to be on in High School but they turned it down so i thought i might as well hand it out to the rest of the first teams out there as a fair use kind of thing.

This program was written in about 5 hours so its not completely done but it give you a fair guess. (The only thing i know it has a problem with is scoring for single tubes, if there happen to be a 2 or more tubes in a vertical row it counts each of the tubes as single then it also counts it as a row.) Pretty much the scoring is almost right there are just a few cases that it messes up.

The output file that it creates is put on the c drive by default. The format of the file is the Red Score is across the top and the blue is down. (Each score is divided by 2 just to reduce the size of the array and help the program not kill my computer when it was running). So for example if you were to try to figure out the number of times that the score 4 to 14 (Red v. Blue) happened you would go 7 rows down and 2 columns in.

Feel free to ask any questions about it and i will try to respond as fast as i can (being at college and working 30 + hours a week might make it a little harder than normal for me to respond but i will try).

In the file there are 2 examples of the output. The first one was the data gathered in about 4 hours of running and the second files was data gathered over 4 days. (using a 2.8ghz ht machine)

Good luck and i hope it helps someone out there.

Happy Computing

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I forgot to mention when i posted this that the code in the zip file is in Java developed on Eclipse. You should be able to translate the code to another language easily if you want to.