It's Alive!!!

Team 1583’s 2007 robot is up and moving around with its full compliment of ramps. Check out the video.

When do we get to see the deployment?

Hi Adam, We did the deployment test yesterday. Our AV guys made video of it but they haven’t given us a copy yet. Hopefully we’ll have video early next week otherwise we may to fire the AV guys.

Chuck I got the other video clip up on youtube if the media crew dont get the ramp drop footage we will shot a nother one monday…

how are you going to keep that from tipping? what I see right now is a good ramp that most every robot will be able to go up, but at the same time one which favors the one side heavily. what bracket do you fall in? 6 ft or 5 ft?

It’s not tippy at all. Without bumpers or battery installed it can lean up to 35 deg without tipping. The large ramp only weighs 20 Lb. The 13 LB battery mounted low in the chassis on the opposite side more than ballances it. Add 15 LBS of bumpers 3 to 8 inches above the ground and it’s as stable as a rock.

Two things. First of all, are you using mecanums? And second of all, are you just going to be a ramp, or was there an arm or something like that I missed.

No mecanums, just 8 wheel drive. The robot is balanced on the center wheels so it spins rather nicely. We designed the robot from the start as a defensive bot. Even the ramps have a defensive purpose.