It's almost that time of year again SHIP DATE!!!!

Great just what I need more stress cuz of ship date. but hey atleast my team is ahead compared to last year. But the mechanical team kinda is getting on my last nerve. they still get behind which makes it harder for me on software/electrical to get things done on time. when mechanical gets behing software/electrical gets behind as well. So I might have to stay an extra night which kinda stinks. :ahh: :mad:

This year is different. Usually it seems like I’m looking forward to ship date as a chance to be home before dark every day, and spend some time away from the shop. But this year, I could definitely stand to have another week or two to play with the robot.
This isn’t to say we’re incomplete or anything - quite the contrary. This has been a pretty productive year (by our standards) and I’d like to keep it up.

I know what you mean. At the start of the season I has so hyped, 'cause I thought we were going to ship on time. I went as far as saying that we were going to ship with autonomous code in. But it seems like every night the designers just come out with more drawings of parts that need to be made. It almost makes me want to just tell them, “STOP!! We have to ship the robot.” But I hold my confidence our team captain says we should have it done by Saturday for a local scrimmage.

I<3 FIRST.:smiley:

Ship day? Ship day is now Zip Day here in Michigan.

“Bag 'em up!”

We’re behind, moreso than usual.

Fabrication is almost, but still not, done. Electrical/programming haven’t even gotten their hands on it yet and the robot still hasn’t been tested. And we’re packing it up on Saturday due to the long weekend we have.


Yeah, back when I was the head engineer of 1766 the welders and machinists always wanted more time, insisted that they couldn’t meet my deadline, and overall insisted I was unreasonable. However, they always met my goals. If I hadn’t pushed them, the electronics wouldn’t have gotten a turn. Yes, I might have pushed them a bit far, but to be honest, it prepared them for the real world of their field. The engineer will always want it yesterday and he has to settle for tomorrow.