IT'S BACK!!! Honor GP with an i-Pod Shuffle!!

Attention All Teams going to the Championship:

By popular demand, IT’S BACK!!! Honor GP with an i-Pod Shuffle!!

Here is your chance to thank someone that helps your team in Atlanta.

Last year **Team 494 ** walked away with the prize!!!

Tell us your story of how a team helped you and then nominate that team or person to win an Apple i-Pod Shuffle.

Team 341 wants to collect great stories of Gracious Professionalism that take place in Atlanta and also show our appreciation for all of the random acts of kindness that happen at FIRST events.

Stories collected will be used for a team project.


  1. Team 341 scouts will drop off (2) nomination postcards to every team in Atlanta. (Additional cards can be obtained in our pit)
  2. Nominate someone from another team that has helped you and write your story of Gracious Professionalism on the card.
  3. Drop off your postcards at the 341 Pit or our display table.
  4. Tell that person that you nominated them!! (Why? Because, it will make them happy!)
  5. Around 12:00 PM on Saturday, 4/23, We will pick three cards and then announce the winners on,, and directly to the winning teams.
  6. 1st Prize = Apple i-Pod Shuffle, 2nd/3rd Prize = Team 341 Hat, Ramp Riot t-shirt and BAE Systems Mini-Radio

Some Simple Rules:

  1. You must nominate someone from another team that has helped you. (We are relying on your Gracious Professionalism!)
  2. You must include a serious story of the help you received.
  3. Although great stories will help our project, this is a random drawing. Entries will not be judged on their writing quality or on the magnitude of the help received. We only require that a serious story about another team is present on the winning card.
  4. Team 341 reserves the right to accept or reject any drawn postcard without explanation.
  5. Postcards must be received by 11:00 AM on 4/23/04

So look for us in the pits on Thursday and nominate someone that helped you make it through the Championship.

What a great way to say THANKS!!!

Good luck to everyone in Atlanta and in the upcoming off-season.

Here are two threads that show what happened last year. We had an amazing time just reading the postcards and talking about the incredible stories of GP at the Championship.

See you in Atlanta!!

Can we nominate a team even if we aren’t a part of a team currently (or our team is not going to Atlanta)?


We want to hear every great story of GP at the Championship!

Just pick up a card at our pit or display table. You can also ask a Team 341 member. Hopefully they will have one in their pocket.

The 512 MB iPod Shuffle will hold up to 120 songs! Please look for anyone in a Team 341 shirt to get a Shuffle Card where you can nominate an act of gracious professionalism. You can drop the card off at either our pit or display table up until 12PM on Saturday for the drawing.

shufflepromo copy.jpg

shufflepromo copy.jpg

… at the greater toronto regional a team offered a draw for a ipod shuffle… whas that you 341? . …// any ideas who won that one???

No, wasn’t us, but I would like to go the Toronto Regional. I’ve heard nothing but great things about it

Am I allowed to nominate someone from here and have someone else fill in a card. I am not in Atlanta but the person posted on here to help teams in Atlanta.

Name: Felix Geisendörfer
Gracious and Professional act: Offering programming help to teams that may not have it. See this thread for details. I think that him just willing to take time out of his schedule to help program auto modes for teams is worth a mention.

Sure! Just have someone fill this out for you and have it to Miss Daisy’s pit by noon on Saturday!

I am rather curious to how this worked out. I really heard nor saw anything of the compotion. Maybe it was because I was in Arch…

who won

Congratulations to Team 107!!!

Winners of the iPod Shuffle, in honor of their many acts gracious professionalism. This team was mentioned on multiple cards.

The iPod shuffle was presented at their pit on Saturday afternoon. We will try to post their story soon.

Al Ostrow
Team leader
Team 341, “Miss Daisy”