It's coming...together!


What did you just bring into this land


I recognize those linear slides

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These are way cheaper:


That’s the McMaster tax for you (plus the size difference)

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Neat. What is it?


Suspension system and swivel bearing assembly for our differential swerve.


Is it actually as big as the video makes it look? Are 4 of those going on the robot in each corner with the swerve at the center? What would your actual wheelbase be? Do they combine to create the structural chassis or attach to the main chassis?

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cads when?

Those look like 10 maybe 12 inch squares. Snap 4 of them together and you are approaching a full size robot. But maybe it solves the consistent floor contact and azimuth control issues.

It is 10x10. So 7" left over on a 27"x 27" robot perimeter. It is big. We hope it will be worth the size and it will probably be fairly heavy, about 8lbs per pod.

But it will have 8 NEO’s driving the whole bot. Should be wicked faster and strong.

CAD will be released once we get the prototype on the ground and prove that it doesn’t have any major flaws.

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Also, wheel spacing is about 6" apart. 4x2 wheels.

Ah, so this is a traction differential swerve? Neat!

The issue I see with this is that your wheels will be 5" from the edge of the robot. On a 27" x 27" chassis like you described, this means your wheel base will only be 17" x 17", or 63% of your robot size. This will make it very prone to tipping even with a lower center of gravity.

A big effort we made on our swerve module after the 2018 season was to get the wheels as close to the edge of the robot as possible. On our current iteration we have the wheel 2.25" from the edge of the robot, which in your example would result in a wheel base of 22.5" x 22.5", or 83% of your robot size.


Yeah that’s the point I was trying to get across. It will make for such a tiny wheelbase compared to other drivetrains (swerve or not). I wonder if the swerve module in the center could just be off-centered. That migh throw off the suspension system though

Technically our wheel base would be 17 x 23. The lateral distance from wheel to chassis I think is about 2". But you do make a good point that the 17" wheel base maybe a little short. But proof will be when we actually run it on the floor.

Progress so far:


What kind of battery is that? Is it FRC legal or just for the test bed?

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Definitely not FRC legal.

OP: Do you have more pictures of the module? I’m interested to see how it works.

Odyessy deep cycle agm, 40ah. This is just a test bed so we decided not to limit testing to battery size.

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That’s…massive , but I love it! good work. Will the CADs be released ever?