It's coming...together!

This is pretty neat. I’m curious to see how it drives. Doesn’t 2767’s swerve have something similar but with less travel and only the wheel/saddle moves?

Also, a quick tangent: Last year, in a hotel room, (very) late at night, a few CPR members discussed a smart suspension swerve, very similar to this but with linear actuators in addition to the springs so that the robot could adjust each wheel height depending on the situation. The robot would’ve been able to lean into turns, “jump” over obstacles, and remain level on slanted floors (which would’ve definitely been useful in FRC). We even found these piezoelectric linear actuators that would’ve been perfect for the job. (too bad they cost $3000 apiece…) Anyhow, it would’ve been awesome, too bad budget is a thing :smile:

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Reminds me of the Bose active suspension concept. It’s worth a google if you haven’t heard of it. They installed it on an old Lexus LS, and it was flat in all situations. They could even make it jump a 4x4.

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Latest progress. Pods are mounted. Testing encoders and programming.


What’s your current weight at?

It’s all out of steel. It weighs about 160 lbs.


That’s incredible! You’re doing great work, I can’t wait to see it once it’s done.

What uses do you have in mind for it when done?

We are hoping it will be the fastest, strongest, most agile defensive robot ever seen. Our swerve drive definitely compromises on being bigger and heavier. As a result, there will not be as much room or weight budget for multiple tools.


Will release CAD once it is proven out.

I want to see this in stronghold

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What is the theoretical steering ratio?

Small baby step. Tuning PID, this is video of it running super slow on velocity control mode. Zip tied the swerve units to point straight just to get a quick understanding of performance.


Speed test.


Latest driving tests. Maneuvers fairly well. Fairly controllable on carpet

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Pull test, max load was about 160lbs before stalling out motors.


how much does it weigh?

That’s what if was a while back

Made of steel and an extra large battery puts it around 160 lbs. COF on carpet was just around 1.0.


Now thats a beast