It's NOT a watch...

It’s NOT a watch… it’s a development tool!

Just got my hands on the TI Chronos, which has to be about the geekiest piece of wristware this side of that whole thread on “who is still wearing their Atlanta wrist bands”. And yes… that is a good thing!

Not only does it have a built-in thermometer, barometer/altimeter and accellerometer, but it is fully reprogrammable and has a wireless link to a USB dongle that ties in to any PC. PLUS it has all the subtlety and style of a 1970’s LED wristwatch! (No fancy pants Apple industrial designers touched this baby!)

Adding to the cool factor is the warning in the box that begins “Experimental Silicon”. How often do you get to buy something with a disclaimer that says, “We think this will work… but for heaven’s sake don’t base your entire product line on it!”

Want one? They’re $50 at Digikey](, but have been selling out. As of this post they only have 215 of them left. (And Digikey’s shipping continues to rock… ordered mine Monday afternoon, delivered Tuesday morning… for $8.00!)

Eventually I plan to interface it through a PC to run a robot… but it already comes with apps to run your mouse based on how you hold your wrist, or advance your powerpoint slides when you push a button.

Oh yes… it can do “Hello World”, too. :slight_smile:


It works as a pretty slick watch too…

I haven’t gotten around to doing any programming on it since I got mine but I’m hoping that will change soon.

The real question, can we make it play Doom?


But yeah, I guess I need to get a Chronos. I’m not sure why.

(the Nixie Watch is also programmable, and the source code is available, although it runs a pic)

I hate you for posting this…:wink:

My current watch has endured drilling (too big), a ziptie (wrist band holder snapped), the magical disappearance of half the seconds (water infiltration at some point), and multiple doses of electrical tape for the band snapping…I know where to go next haha. :slight_smile:

I kinda want to program it so every time a team number is on (like right now 9:10) the clock, the team name is under it (Foley Freeze)…

And every time it reads 469 it says “You might need a new watch” ?

in theory it should. if it has usb interface for a pc, then therefore that would make it an interface device of said pc. Now if an xbox 360 controller is also a usb interface which would mean it could be used to control something like doom assuming doom is compatible with it. now if the same logic can be applied to the watch and doom is compatible with it, in theory it would work, but then again a lot of things work in theory but not actuality.

Now what would really be cool is if my same logic from above could be applied to the classmate and an FRC robot. if you could get 2 watches, one for each arm, you could control your robot through motion such as dance. EX: the better you dance the better your robot would preform

I would try and program it so it would go:


lol I want this now to mess with our drive team during practice…

remote disable
chance to confuse them even more (assuming I can make it fake a USB keyboard)

Oh come on, I was so happy with all of my tech gadgets…

i’d have to say this is the coolest thing since the Starfleet Academy Titanium Spork. Seriously.

very fast delivery! I ordered it the same day I read this:


and received the watch before I finally caught it! Good one! (I am a bit slow)

Very cool tool! Thanks.