its official!!!! Michigan Top 64 teams anounced! list up!

Overall Ranking Point Results
Rank Team # Total Points Events Attended
1 67 146 2
2 217 141 2
3 245 127 2
4 85 122 2
5 70 108 2
6 818 105 2
7 1918 103 2
8 904 103 2
9 2645 101 2
10 503 101 2
11 1 97 2
12 1250 92 2
13 201 88 2
14 469 85 2
15 68 84 2
16 326 83 2
17 910 79 2
18 66 78 2
19 862 78 2
20 123 73 2
21 2771 72 2
22 703 72 2
23 548 71 2
24 1596 69 2
25 27 69 2
26 141 69 2
27 302 69 2
28 1701 69 2
29 515 67 2
30 1856 67 2
31 65 66 2
32 33 64 2
33 47 64 2
34 1998 61 2
35 2619 60 2
36 494 60 2
37 2188 59 2
38 247 58 2
39 2586 58 2
40 3119 56 2
41 94 55 2
42 280 55 2
43 1254 53 2
44 226 52 2
45 2474 52 2
46 2620 51 2
47 107 51 2
48 815 50 2
49 3098 49 2
50 308 49 2
51 573 49 2
52 2075 49 2
53 2612 49 2
54 1718 48 2
55 2834 47 2
56 1025 47 2
57 470 46 2
58 1504 46 2
59 453 45 2
60 3095 44 2
61 1188 44 2
62 2832 43 2
63 519 42 2
64 74 42 2

We made it! HOT, 217, were coming back for you! lol. anyways its official as of a few minutes ago, i refreshed page and boom, in.

are these the teams going to the state competition?

WOOOOHOOOOOOOO Im pumped for State. Should be a great competition, looking forward to seeing you all there. :slight_smile:

These are the teams qualified for the MI Championship. If any decline, others will be called up to replace them.

I would like to point out a situation that may be appropriate for an exception, waiver, or some such act of grace. I understand that FiM teams earn qualifying points at their first 2 events, and that any points from their third event don’t count. 3rd event teams are not prohibited from from receiving awards. As of now (unless I misread the FiM rules supplement) there is no award for winning a district, other than getting a lot of qualifying points.

Team 216 was a 3rd event team at the West Michigan District. They were #2 seed at WMD and won the event, earning 65 “vanishing” points in the process. Since they earned only 40 qualifying points in their first 2 events, they did not make the initial cut for State.

It would be great if there were some way for them to get a slot. Perhaps FiM didn’t consider this unlikely scenario and could grant special invite…

Possibly make it the “Best of 2” type of status. Go to three events and take your two best event scores and drop the lowest?

I agree with Wayne because 216 did really good comming in 2nd overall and winning the comp. they should be able to go to state

I don’t know where the rankings are, so I’ll ask: How many teams would have to decline their slot (which at least some almost certainly will–that’s a lot of money on short call) for 216 to make the cut? The current “bubble” is 42, after all.

six, i believe,and i know of one that probably won’t atternd

6 teams need to drop out for 216 to play.

I can tell you one team won’t, 2075 and our Tenacious Defense wont be attending it looks like.

There were 280 spots this year (7 events with 40 teams per event) as we were planning on having 140 teams. We only had 132 teams, which meant that there were only 264 spots taken. FiM opened up a third event to Michigan teams for an additional cost of $500. Teams all knew in advance that only their first two events counted.

With only 16 spots available there is no way the third event can count. FiM knew this and teams knew this. While unfortunate for team 216, this rule is in place for 85% of the teams, not just one team (the 116 teams that did not have the ability to play a third Michigan district). Taking the best out of three is a big advantage that just couldn’t be allowed. I am sure FiM will take into consideration any suggestions for next year.

If there are a lot of people that think the third event should count, then maybe we should just allow everyone to play two and only two. I think there should be an option to play a third as long as it doesn’t count and people don’t complain about it not counting.

There were plenty of teams that qualified with their first two events, so needing a third to get the necessary points really holds no weight with me.

With that said, I would be very suprised if 216 doesn’t get in as there will be more than 6 that just will not have the funds.

I agree with Paul on this one. The 3rd event was an “opportunity” presented to everyone and all teams who accepted it went into it knowing that any 3rd event points would not count. My initial ?/concern was that better prepared and funded teams could attend 3 events, and in effect prevent other teams from getting those points. The vanishing points concept, served to negate some of this but has created some of the issues/discussion above. Does anyone have a better idea?

We were also a team that struggled in our first event, and while much improved we fell short by a couple matches worth of points. However, going into the event we knew and accepted that unless we came out big >46 points we would not be going to States. We did not accomplish this, accept it and hold no ill-will towards any teams who accomplised this. Whether some other teams were carried through selections, nepotism in awards etc. will probably always be debated, though folks should really just let it go.

If FiM continues, teams will now realize that 2 events, means 2 events and you mut be ready at event #1. I do also agree with the idea that 3rd event teams should not be considered for any other judged awards. Here again keep things even at 2 events/chances for every one, not the best 2 of 3 etc. Doing 2 of 3 puts teams who do not have the resources at an automatic disadvantage in qualifications and should not be allowed - IMO.

Mean time, Paul is also correct there will probably be a fair number of teams who simply cannot produce the $ to go, especially if they just earned the spot this weekend. So if 216 has the $$, be ready, keep an eye on the list and if nothing else take consolation that you had 3 events and did well in the end taking home some big hardware!! You have a lot to be proud of and grateful for by getting a 3rd shot that many others ddin’t! :slight_smile:

The “vanishing points” work both ways. While they can prevent some teams from earning enough points to make the cut, they also lower the cut-point so other teams make it in. Other than banning teams from a third event altogether, there’s no way to make the system work any differently.

Something else to think about. Out of the 64 teams listed 16 are listed for world championship already.If FiM needs to pull-up teams all the way down to the seventy- first spot that would change to 17 teams going to atlanta.Those 9 extra spots after states may go down the standings list along way. Actually i wouldn’t be surprised if those spots did not get filled this year due to the economy.

I still hope to see 216 and 858 at State. They are both great teams.

Between this thread and others, the subject has generated a lot of discussion. It doesn’t appear that FiM has much (any) leeway within the current rules. Therefore, I fully support FiM sticking to the existing rules (which everybody understood going in) and letting the chips fall where where they will.

FiM is a great development and we owe a lot to those who made it possible. We all need to support their decisions, policies, and rules. It would open pandora’s box if they made special arrangements outside of the existing rules at this (or any) point.

If they decide to revise the rules in the future, that is up to them. I would support a ban on 3rd event teams receiving any judged awards. I would also support holding back a few “wild card” slots for this or some other “judges award” type situation. But that’s not where we are today.

I think it is unfair imply that any qualified team has any “GP” obligation to give up a slot that they earned. Luck always plays a role and it cuts both ways. Suggesting that “carried” teams “know who they are” does nobody any good, and it only serves to tarnish their accomplishments (but only if they let it - don’t!). Team 1918 was on a successful alliance and we certainly didn’t carry anybody. Every partner on the alliance knew their roles and carried them out. Thats how anybody wins in this game.

Congratulations to all the teams going to State. It’s likely to be the best competition you’ll ever see! See you there.

141 signed up and already dropped out.