It's Official - No More Stop Build Day! (In 2020)

IN 2020 (NOT 2019!)

It’s official! What are your thoughts?

Official Announcement on Twitch:

Official Blog Post:

Official Q & A Document:

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Ryan, how long did you have this written and prepared to post before the broadcast in order to be the very first post?

Awesome!!! Great move FIRST!

And I’m graduating this year…

Shoulda flunked a few classes I guess :rolleyes:

Some sort of change was needed. I’m disappointed to see them
go straight for this as opposed to something like the Zondag proposal.

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I’ve been waiting for this day for a very long time.

I’ll keep my “Moving Back to #1Champ!” and “California Goes To Districts!” draft threads ready for a later date…

Where is the video of Marshall shredding a bag?

Honesty and transparency through and through. I’m very happy with HQ right now. Good guy Frank and company made the absolute right decision here.

About time! This is one of the best changes FIRST has made in a long time! I can’t wait to see everything teams can accomplish with the bag gone! #byebyebag

Excellent decision, FIRST! I applaud.

Now where is Marshall rn…

Thank goodness. I firmly believe this move will make FRC more accessible (and fun!) for everyone

Looks like Marshall finally got his wish (or at least one of them)

And thus begins the golden age of FRC.

Did I miss something?



I am so hyped for this change. My two favourite benefits of this change:

  1. I can’t wait to welcome a ton of new teams to our practice field in 2020. We’ve invited all kinds of teams in the past, but a lot of them have told us “we can’t spare a second for practice, we have to rush to finish before bag”.

  2. This is going to be amazing for Ontario teams. High School students here have exams at the end of January. Our schoolboard forbids students from extra-curriculars during that week, so build season has been 5 weeks long here. Now Ontario teams can plan to make that back if they want.

I don’t disagree this will help a lot of teams, but I am very disappointed. For me, the challenges of a 6 week build season has been one of my favorite things about FRC. Having a significant time crunch changed how I approached design, and I loved the challenge.

My team will probably be better off for it, but I feel like I got more out of the program because of bag day and am very sad to see it go.