It's Raining Control Systems

I was just wondering if any other teams had problem with their control systems and the shelfs at regionals. As you know they have you put up you control system before the match before yours. At the Great Lakes Regional, we did this and had a robot with a goal come smashing into the wall. Our control system flipped over and fell on the floor. After I picked my jaw up, I tried to go over to check it out but the ref wouldn’t let me while that match was going on. Luckily most of the box is very robust. I am proud to say the the only part of our robot needing replacement this weekend was a joystick. Has this been a problem for other teams?

that may be why they didn’t let you put your control systems up until you were up at NYC. therefore, we had no problems there. :stuck_out_tongue:

At both VCU and Drexel, we were encouraged to put our control system at the alliance station. We didn’t ever have that problem, but I did see a few good hits against the alliance station during some of the matches, so I’m sure other teams encountered the same problem.

heh, at NYC i hit the player station pretty hard. time running out, i was on the other side of the field. by chance, perfectly lined up, there’s an empty goal sitting in the opposing goal zone. so, taking a running start, on the wheels (11 fps), i shot down the field, smacking into the goal, and then the goal into the player station. really big whump! :smiley: the whole thing shook. plus, we have a nice dent in the back of the bot now. come to our pit in florida to see it. never knew that excessive speeds were that deadly to aluminum extrusion. :smiley:

I think I saw the match at GLR. I don’t know if it was the one or not but our robot 226 was flying down the field and hit the blue station really hard and something fell off of the station and I think it shook up the drivers a little also made a heck of a noise. If that was the match sorry for any damage

That actually happened twice at GLR. Once to 314 and again later on that day to another team.

I guess this could be an advertisment for welded aluminum control systems huh? Maybe with rubber feet.