It's ship date! Is YOUR robot ready?

The date we’ve all been waiting for and dreading for 6 weeks is upon us. What is the state of your robot?

We spent all of today figuring out constants for code and driving around the robot for practice. Now we have a twisted arm, a broken encoder on our kicker and no closed loop control at all. How bout you?

Our bot is at a state where you could call it “completed.”

We have our kicker built and firing (though the tubing tension will be adjusted at the regional). Our lift arm works great for deploying, and just today we got it actually lifting the robot’s weight (took an hour and a half of installing pulleys, but we pulled it off).
The only couple of things we’ll have to actually “complete” on the robot when we go to the regional competition will be cutting out larger holes in our polycarb base platform for our washer-wing nut bumper attachment system, and spring-loading our winch “ratcheting”…

And programming our autonomous.

We got the major parts on and some basic programming on there. Now comes the fun part of coding the majority of the program. So I guess you can say we were “finished”. After 5 hours in the shop tonight gosh. :\

It’s packed up in the crate, and ready to be shipped!

Although I don’t know if you would call it “complete;” our arm is being welded, so we’re going to have to attach that at the competition (shouldn’t take too long, just a few bolts.) The other major components are finished.

Now just to work on finishing programming, packing for the regionals, scouting and preparing for Chairmans…no sleep in sight!

We had our hanging mechanism working yesterday, but the Kicker did not work. The Kicker works today, but the hanging mechanism does not work. BUT the problem is a mechanical problem, not a electrical or programming problem, so the mech team will fix that up and then we should be ready to rumble!

Drive works nicely, Autonomous coded(but haven’t tested it yet), Limit Switches work, Solenoids work, Air Compressor works, Camera works. Basically Programming is finished! Few electrical tasks left, but mostly fixed. Few mechanical tasks left, which will be fixed eventually.

Only problem is our robot going over the bump(which is kind of a big deal). We still need to work on this(probably with out test robot.

We’ll figure everything out, and rock the NJ regional! GO TEAM 1403!!

Congratulations, I always say if you haven’t broken your robot, you aren’t ready to ship it.

We won’t ever be “completed”, “done” or anything close. We are pulling the whole electronics board as our allowance and getting camera tracking down to a science in the next 5 weeks before competition. Also some aesthetic covers will be painted and ready to velcro the first day of competition. Even then it wont be close to being done. Never done… never done… :o


is it bad that our robot cant kick hang or drive?

Semi complete. we can drive, our kicker is physically done but mounted in a practice frame for hold back. we dont have a possessor and we cant actually drive due to massive failure of the jags. we took off all of our jags tonight and dont plan on shipping them. were gonna have to choose between victors and jags.

worked pretty well until we wired up the new controller. oops

we’re all set as far as i can tell. we got a full day before our scrimmage to fine tune everything and practice driving. the scrimmage went well, the only changes we’ve made were to file down some sharp edges for inspection and to put a patch for the camera feed on the driver station. i’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll wont have any work to do at the regional

Well, we were ready. Then one of our wheels broke (we do have 2 replacements, so we should be OK.) and then one of the bolts that hold the wheels on broke. We have ordered steel bolts to replace the old ones. They should make it to NH before we do. In reality, we are glad that we were able to test Wombot till he broke before we got to GSR. Hopefully, he will be a little bit more robust at the competition.

It is 7 PM Ship Day here now, and we shipped yesterday around noon. I expect that Wombot is getting ready for customs to inspect him. Now we are hoping that the big snow storm in NH doesn’t delay him–or us!!!

everything goes well until the final night where we finalize autonomous code and SMASH!!! the force of our piston bends our steel kicker in a way none of us thought possible.

our robot is in its working form… it drives almost perfectly (excluding problems with the chain and tensioners) and even kicks… so a bunch of the team is staying home from school today to practice with the robot before we put it into the crate and ship it off:eek:

Or robot had the last hours a few driving problems because our code was in big mess, but finally we have found the problem.
our kicker works great and the lifting arm works great.
we shipped the robot without the lifting arm (16 screws) and without 3 jaguars.
hopefully as a rookie team the robot will do his job great.

everything is working at 3 a.m.

presentation day

Yeah, we are basically ready on most fronts. Until our test last night, the motor mounts bend after going over the bump a few times. But, at least it looks like a lion attacking a bear when traversing the bump.


please help when we try to run the robot kicker code through developer mode to see how it runs, it gives us error -44085. It says that the C-Rio is wrong revision or version, but we updated the C-rio to the latest one. We also did the update 2.1 but update 1.1 is not happening! i dont know why. Can that be the probelm? or is it something wrong with the code?

Is the kicker Sub vi suppose to run under teleop? or just attached to robootmain in a while loop?

please help its the last day and we are not done AT ALL … too many experementing :@

Our 'bot just got some wiring and pneumatics neatened up, it can drive, auto-kick, and block (wait, block? what?!) and just got a fresh coat of paint.

Come on Jim…

Don’t you know by now that you never use anything new!!! :slight_smile:

The broken-in stuff is always better! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ehhh. Haha. We wasted so much time rebuilding the entire robot (Three times) that the programming team has had like two days + today to get anything done. Our autonomous code works though! Our kicker works, and the lifter does too (In theory). There is no code for that yet though.

I know…but there are those pesky rules…

And getting students to work on stuff before it’s actually needed, is a challenge that sometimes gets the better of me.