It's Showtime.....

Hey all, go open iTunes and go to the music store…

more at 2pm…

I can only figure that FIRSTcast will be available to purchase on itunes?

No, it just looks like Apple is re-doing the music store.
My guess is to co-inside with Apple’s announcement of some kind today that I’ve been hearing about. Possibly movies available through the store and/or a new generation iPod.

Yes, some of us are reading digg and keeping an eye on too.
It looks like movies are available on the German site:

5.5G iPods = Drool.
New color nano = Eh, it has a niche.
New shuffle = Same price, get a Sandisk with a screen/FM radio
iTV = I don’t watch TV, but it looks really cool.

How can the most popular MP3 player be a niche product? So, are cars a niche product too because some people don’t use them?

Shuffle is $20 for the same space as the prior gen, and much smaller. And I thought it was well covered why it didn’t have a screen about 21 months ago…

iTV isn’t about TV, it’s about streaming content from your computer (aka movies, photos, music, etc) to your TV in a nice package, as, oh, say, compared to anything Microsoft produces.