It's so lonely...

Well, everyone, for the first time since my rookie year in 1999, I am not on a team. And it’s so lonely! I have a senior design project that needs to get done so I can graduate and I just don’t have the time to devote to both projects but I thought that it would be a welcome change from all the “FIRST burn-out” I have been going through in the past few years. It just feels so weird to not be a part of a team. I’m still helping out with the Rochester…ermm…Finger Lakes Regional, and perhaps even the Long Island Regional, but it’s just not the same. I know I haven’t been that active on these formums as I used to be, but I still was pretty active in the local FIRST community.

Has anyone else gone through this? And what did you do to fix your FIRST lonliness?

I know what you are thinking Christina…

I had the same problem last year when i went off to college, i was leaving a team that i had become such a part of, and then i was going to be teamless expecting to have mountians of work, and also i didnt know if there were any teams in my new area…Luckily however, My courseload wasnt terrible, and i did find out about a team about 10-15 minutes away from my school. Now, they have a devoted mentor, and i am also starting up a “behind the scenes” carrer, I am pursuing Reffing at offseason/regionals(?)/nationals(?).

Keep your head up, soon you’ll have a handle on your school work, and will be able to find that spot in your heart that you became so accustomed to.

Have fun!

I am in the same predicament, except that it’s because our team was unable to accumulate funds for registration this year.