It's that time of year again!! (No, not The Championship event) Tax Time!!

As I was reading Yahoo and looking at random things with the mind boggling thought of attempting my taxes yet again this weekend, this article caught my interest:

Especially this part…

**Secret Deduction in Volunteer Work
**Summertime is often a time for increased volunteer activities. Do you drive for Meals on Wheels? Take church youth on field trips? Drive to the location of a Habitat for Humanity house you’re helping to construct? Keep track of all your volunteer mileage - 14 cents for every mile is deductible as a charitable contribution. To make your record keeping easier, stop by participating H&R Block offices for a free mileage record book.

Sounds cool and right up my alley for next year’s taxes since I use my vehicle a lot for summer time mini comps.

Anyone ever try this? What is needed? Isn’t tax time wonderful?? :ahh: :stuck_out_tongue:

The standard deduction is still higher for me.


take a look at my signature…i have been doing this all along

Like Wetzel said, look at all the possible deductions you have and see which one(s) will give you the best return. You may not be able to claim all of them though.

Now that you got the Neon’s odometer working again that’s a big bonus! :wink:


Owed 100 to the state of Michigan. Federal owed me 75.

I still wish I didn’t have to pay!!! X(