It's time to take another giant leap...

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Enjoy…just be patient with the buffering, it’s a pretty big streaming video.

Great video! I am absolutely stoked about mankind’s return to the moon. How cool it will be for our generation that never got to see the Apollo missions to one day look up on the moon and realize that there are people living on it! As much as I love and am going to miss the Shuttle and the sonic booms from the orbiter’s reentry, the new launches will be amazing. I take every opportunity I can to see the 184 ft shuttle launch into space, but the new Aries I that will carry people into space will be 309 feet tall. Not only that, but to go to the moon we will send up an Aries V that will carry the cargo needed for our moon base. The Aries V will be approximately 360 ft tall! I never got to see an Apollo Saturn V (363 ft) launch, I can not wait to see this spectacle at the Kennedy Space Center.

Remember though, the moon is just our training grounds, we will use what we learn to send humankind to Mars in about 30 years. Everyone that has an FLL team, be sure to tell your students that the first man (or woman) on Mars is currently between the ages of 6 and 16. Inspire them now, it would do my heart good when I’m in my 50’s to know that the first person on Mars was in FIRST.



That is simply amazing, captivating, INSPIRING!!!
Really, that is so cool!
It just makes you wonder who might be going up there in the coming years, how many of them will have participated in FIRST, and how many of them you will know, or if it will be YOU.:yikes:
It’s no wonder we’re all addicted to FIRST; just look where programs like this could take you…literally!:smiley: