iTunes + iPod: Help

Yes, there are a lot of iApple threads out there. I did not find any on “How-to’s” or “help”.

I have finally come to the point where I can justify the purchase of an mp3 player, and it just so happens that it is the best on the market, or I would never buy a Mac product.

  1. Do I have to run iTunes?
    This thing is a pain. I am reminded once again why I don’t get along with Mac’s. I currently use Real Player, and I am trying to find the function that scans a specific location for your recently added music files AFTER you have already added other’s to your library. Is this possible in iTunes?

  2. Do I really have to run iTunes?
    I’m really getting mad at this software and it’s GUI. I am looking for the feature in which Real Player contains where in my library, when in no longer want a song on my playlist I can also delete it from my hard drive at the same time.

Any suggestions. Or any other how-to’s or tips will be Priceless for me at this point. I’m currently getting my media into order prior to getting my iPod.

Wait wait…

you think iTunes is a pain, while RealPlayer’s bloated hard to use stuff is easy and a snap?

There are plug-ins to make it work on Win-Amp and possibly RealPlayer (not sure). If you are so anti-apple, why get this anyway? You’re missing the point and seems like you just want a piece of why people like the iPod so much. The iPod isn’t the greatest end all player on the market, it’s integration into iTunes is what makes it so great.

To find the location of your music, either look in the iTunes folder (My Documents > My Music > iTunes) if you have enabled consolodating your library. If not, rick click and select “get info” and it’ll show you there.

Simply right click and choose clear from library to delete it from the library, then it’ll come up with an option to delete it from the hard drive.

It seems like RealPlayer has taught you to work too much with the software and not let it just work for you.

You got lucky on this one, Real Media (if I’m correct) does in fact support iPods, so you can manage your computer and your iPod library without having to run iTunes at all. Though I would not reconmend on ruling iTunes out completely there maybe some things you need to do with it (settings, ect.) but you can go day to day living on Real Media Player. You run without iTunes using winamp, but you need thisnifty extention last time I checked. Ephpod is another 3rd party program that can lead to an iTunes free life.

Yes and No, there are multiple alternatives out there on the web that you can use, but some of them are questionable and problematic, Itunes has the useful little of auto updating your ipod. and yes you can add songs, use the “add folder to library” option, it is in the file menu, if you get any duplicates, there is a duplicate finder, but it should ask you when updating your itunes library if you would like to replace “song X” with the newer version, rename it, or not add it at all.

–Joe i was waiting for you…

Should I move all of my media into the iTunes folder, and then re-import them into iTunes then?

Yes, I like to control things.


Have you installed iTunes yet? There is an option to scan your hard drive for music then consolodate your library when you install the app. If you didn’t do this, just find your music you want to add, drag it into iTunes, then go under “Advanced” and select “Consolidate Library”.

If you need more help, looks like you live at King of Prussia, I know they have an Apple Store there :wink:

I’ve found that iTunes is the best there is in terms of music players. I like it because on the surface, it’s simple and effective. However, there are advanced features as well that are nice to have. Importing music is very easy (file > import), I like the option to tag songs with album art as well, and when you connect your iPod it shows up automatically in iTunes. It’s great, drag and drop, easy as that. It’s not necessary to have all your music in the iTunes music folder, I don’t keep mine there. Import it from wherever you keep your music.

I’m not biased either way in terms of “fanboyism”, but I honestly think that apple has the best MP3 player on the market because of the way it integrates with the software.

rhapsody will work with the ipod. I didn’t like it, but it works.

What annoys me is you need to download iTunes in order to have Quicktime Movie player on your computer. Doesn’t matter - after installing the software, I suppress the startup of iTunesHelper (the program which apparently scans for connection of your iPod and immediately digs iTunes’ dirty little fingers into it, going “MINE MINE MINE!” to any other software you’d like to use to connect to your mp3 player) in XP by going to Start…Run…msconfig…Startup tab and unchecking “iTunesHelper”. After a restart, iTunes will lie dormant when you plug in your player, and you can use any other software you want to connect to your iPod.

I have an iPod, and I didn’t like iTunes. I found its features to be limited compared to what I use now. I use a free music library management program called Media Monkey. It has plugins that let you sync an iPod with your music library from within the software. It’s also very easy to edit mp3 tags with this software. It is a very popular alternative to the stuff Apple tries to force down your throat.

Media Monkey will let you do everything you asked in your questions below.

just use itunes. Real player is probably the worst software out there. Itunes is the most user friendly, and responding to your questions i really dont understand the first one, but the second one you cannot directly delete from a playlist because there just playlist files. You can delete from your library, and it will delete from the hd too. :smiley:

Try this

LOL thanks.

Try finding that link by navigating to Apple's site through normal means.  If it's there, it has to be down in the corner in like 2 pt. font or something.  *edit* I just found it buried down below.  They definitely don't make it apparent.  Geez, let people have more of a choice instead of trying to cram something they don't necessarily want down their throats.

Well, I’ve got the new nano up and running after a trip to the Apple store yesterday (really bad customer service in my mind, as I waited 20 minutes just to ask if I could actually buy one, then had to wait another 20 in a different line to get one and pay for it).

Anywho, glad I went with the 4GB because it’s half full and I don’t even have any of my own CD’s archived on it yet. Things seem to be smooth so far, except the “click wheel” which is not as user friendly as they make it sound. Still trying to figure out how to use the equalizer - but hope to get some help on that soon. Also, still haven’t figured out how to delete from iTunes and my playlist which is annoying - so I have to look up the song after “clearing it” and go to My Computer -> My Music -> etc.

Thanks everyone for all the help.

Anyone else who has any general useful tips on using the iPod and how-to’s, it’ll be great to hear them!

Haha, Ashley broke I-Tunes and the I-Pod.


I use a program called acoustica
Look for MP3 To Wav Converter PLUS

You can convert mp3s to wmas wavs etc. and wmas, wavs to mp3s. You can also change the quality of the file by down grading the quality you change the size of the file so you can get more files on your pod. I have a m:robe 4 gig mp3 player I use the next to last quality. I have over 500 songs ( two of songs are one side of a vinyl record )( oldies) ask your parents what vinyl is. It it less than half full.

Eq = bottom right corner second button from the left
to remove a song, delete, two windows will pop up, one about deleting it from the playlist/library, one from the computer.

I’m going to have to endorse Media Monkey too. I’ve got the Gold version and it’s really nice. In fact this year it will replace all iTunes music duties at IRI. One of my favorite features is that you can right click on a song and search to get the correct tags and album art for the mp3 file.

Plus if you don’t like the skin that looks like iTunes you can turn the skins off and use the default Windows skin.