IU Honors Program (Foreign Language)

I couldn’t find this elsewhere, but I’m just curious if any of you FIRSTers have been to or plan to attend the IU Honors Program, no matter what country. This program is a thing for Indiana residents, where a certain number of students go to locations in France, Spain, Mexico, or Germany, and speak no English for 7 weeks. My good friend Lenna and I both passed the exam, so chances are we’re going to Spain together. Any alumni out there in the FIRST world to pass the advice along?

My son (A FIRST alumni at Ga Tech) is currently studying in Spain. You can check out his online journal at www.Xanga.com/silentdan (he started out keeping it pretty up to date but not lately) and e-mail him for more info.

Basically at Ga Tech, it’s cheaper to study abroad than in Atlanta if you’re from out of state because they charge you in-state tuition for that semester. He saved up his humanities and electives for this semester - they also have other programs in England and France where you can take engineering courses.

My daughter (Amy Beth) is in Mexico for the school year. You might be interested in checking out her journal and/or e-mailing her too.