I've found out about the next competition.

You see, next year’s competition will consists of an eight foot deep pit in the center of the arena spanning the width of the field with several tipping bridges over it, and balls on both sides. You have to get the balls into the goals and over the bridges.

The trick is that piled in the pit are festering corpses of the reanimated undead, who reach out with weeping pus-blistered arms of ragged flesh hanging off darkened bone, blindly groping at movement while trying to see through gouged eye sockets.

So, really, it adds a new challenge to retrieve your robot when the match is over.

Just stop…

please wont somebody think of the children

::jumps into pit::

they can film a resident evil sequel at the competitions!

It was better left off as a game in the first place. Man that was an awful movie!

i have to agree w/ koko, it was pretty bad.