Ive got a problem with <R07a>

A. BUMPERS must provide complete protection of the entire FRAME PERIMETER of the
ROBOT (i.e. BUMPERS must wrap entirely around the ROBOT). As part of the 100%
coverage, BUMPERS must protect all exterior corners of the FRAME PERIMETER. For
adequate protection, a full segment of BUMPER must be placed on each side of the corner
(see Figure 3-2).

We had tons of ideas about manipulators such as a forklift, but how can you do that simply if you have to have a bumper on the front of your robot instead of a forklift?!?!

This rule puts complications in most of our arm designs too.

EDIT: Also, whats up with all the IMPI robotics images EVERYWHERE on CD

I know! And auto manufacturers have to follow all those arbitrary rules about mufflers and bumpers and seatbelts and all that. They could make cars LOTS faster and cheaper if they didn’t have all these rules getting in the way!

Which is to say: Thems the rules. The GDC isn’t in the business of making this EASY for you, after all. How fun would that be?

For a forkilift do what my team did in OverDrive… the two bottom fors were spring loaded to et them inside the bumper zone and went over the bumbers to have it flat on the ground.here are some pictures… look at before the match, and uring the match to see what i mean a botu spring loaded (orancge covers were spring on outside of white tubing)



so we have to start inside the frame perim, but after the match starts we can unfold stuff to pretty much go over the bumpers, correct? (thus making them pointless…)

Have you read the rest of the rules?

Most of them…
then you start thinking of designs and they get overcomplicated by so many rules haha

Since you are calling it a lift, I’m going to assume that you then plan on lifting it up. In that case, once you lift it up, any collisions that you would have would be with the bumpers, not your frame. So they are not entirely pointless.

Also, this is a challenge that ALL TEAMS must overcome or deal with in some way, so it is not as though you are at a disadvantage because of the rule. There just need to be ways to make your ideas or ideas you have not yet thought of work with the placement of the bumpers.

You ARE allowed to make a mechanism that extends outside of the bumpers and down in front of them. You would be responsible for any damage to the mechanism, but you could have your forklift. It would have to be a small one, though, as per the 60" cylinder rule.

Keep in mind that the GDC does do everything for a reason, even if they don’t always explicitly explain it. Why are robots only allowed to be a maximum of 28"x38"x60" in starting configuration plus bumpers? To fit through doorways. Why must bumpers be constructed precisely according to the rules (i.e. using a specific thickness of wood, 2.5" pool noodles, having them in a SPECIFIC area etc)? To make sure that they’re effective and uniform to all teams.

Can you think of a reason why the bumpers must protect 100% of the frame perimeter?

If you can’t go through it, go over it.
If you can’t go over it, go under it.
If you can’t go under it, get a new door.